A register of Australian living history organisations.

The Home page of the ALHF
Home page of the Australian Living History Federation of which Europa is a member.

The Conference Combat Rules Archive
An archive of previous years medieval conference combat rules, used as guidelines for a national standard in Australia.

Other reenactment Groups

The Ancient Arts Fellowship based in Canberra.

The New Varangian Guard
A Byzantine based reenactment group with garrisons across Australia.

NEMAS The New England Medieval Arts Society who run the biannual easter gathering in Armidale.


The Jorvik Viking Centre
The viking museum and educational centre in York.

The York Archaeology Trust
An educational charity who focuses on archaeology in and around York.

Project Gutenberg
A volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works and the oldest digital library.

Universitetsmuseenes Fotoportal
A Photo portal of items in Norwegian museums.

British Libraries Digitized Manuscripts.
View digitised copies of manuscripts and archives in the British Library’s collections, with descriptions of their contents.

Facimilie Finder Database.
Database of Illuminated Manuscript Facsimiles.

Catalogue of digitized medieval manuscripts.
A searchable catalogue of medieval manuscripts scanned online.

Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland
medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library.

The online Bayeux Tapestry
A very detailed site and digitized scans of the full tapestry.


A website for learning some basic latin phrases.

Old English Information
A list of dictionarys and articles on Old English.

Words with scandinavian roots
Standard English words which have a Scandinavian Etymology.

Old Norse for Beginners This is a free online course in Old Norse for beginners.


AWL Leather
A supplier of accessible medieval footwear.

Mercia Sveiter
An English company who supplies cast bronze fittings and jewellery.

A New Zealander blacksmith with a range of items including historical padlocks.

Daegrad Tools
An English supplier that focuses on the small finds, tools and equipment based on archaeological finds.

Turbow Archery
A bowyer who makes and supplies medieval styles longbows and arrows for a lot of Australian reenactors.