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Cloth And Clothing in Early Anglo-Saxon England, AD 450-700

Swords of the viking age by Ewart Oakenshott

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The Yorkshire Countryside; a landscape history

Richard Muir

Keel University Press: 2014

  • history of medieval Yorkshire kingdoms

  • archaeology in the York area

  • medieval farming methods and ideas

  • relevant historical buildings and monuments

  • the climate and geography of Yorkshire

  • expansion of farming due to climate change

Graeme W

North European Textiles until AD. 1000

Lise Bender Jorgensen

Aarhus university press in 1991

  • textile finds in northern Europe in prehistoric, Roman and medieval times

  • history of textile production

  • types of textiles, finds, and areas where they were common

  • prevalence of different weaves, by time period

  • warp weighted looms

  • period textile remnants; images and information

Leigh B

Everyday life in Viking towns

D. M. Hadley, editor

Oxbow Books: 2013

  • articles by fourteen collected authors, on social life in towns, death, housing, childhood, modification of the warrior ethic in towns, markets, animals, pottery, metalwork, craft materials, merchant reputations

Leigh B

Finds from Parliament Street and other sites in the city centre

Dominic Tweddle

York Archaeological Trust: 1986

  • small archaeological finds

  • line drawings and descriptions for leatherwork; shoes, sheaths, ironwork, glass beads and other objects, moulds for casting, combs, antler carving, wooden finds

Adrian P

Aspects of Anglo- Scandinavian York

R.A. Hall and others

York Archaeological Trust: 2004

  • historical evidence for Viking age York

  • inscriptions and street names in Viking age York

  • plant and animal remains from Viking age York

  • art styles and remains, in Viking age York

  • topography of Viking age York

  • craft working sites; mapping industrial areas

Steve C

Cloth and clothing in early Anglo-Saxon England, AD 450 - 700

Penelope Walton Rogers

Council for British Archaeology: 2007

  • textile production in the village environment

  • examples of textile artefacts

  • brooches, buckles, beads and rings

  • reconstructions of costume from Anglo Saxon burials

  • differences in costume, over time

Steve C

Viking clothing

Thor Ewing

Tempus Publishing: 2006

  • detailed description, item by item, of clothing and accessories for men and women in the Viking age

  • reconstruction of clothing

  • descriptions of tools and the clothes making process

  • 2 copies

Steve C

Language and history in Viking age England; linguistic relations between speakers of Old Norse and Old English

Matthew Townsend

Brepols Publishers: 2008

  • the evolution of the two languages

  • OE place names, and their Scandinavian equivalents

  • Anglo Scandinavian contacts in contempory literature

  • Literacy and bi lingualism in Viking England

Steve C

Yorkshire; a gazetteer of Anglo-Saxon & Viking sites

Guy Points

Rihtspell Publishing: 2007

  • Glossary, and explanation of typical art styles and architectural features

  • 282 historical Yorkshire sites, with directions to site, short histories, and description of the architecture and artefacts to be found at each site. Photos of significant art works

Steve C



Reconstructing a Viking Hanging Dress from Haithabu Peter Beatson and Christobel Ferguson
Some Footwear of the middle ages

War gear

The 'Viking Shield' from Archaeology